Hi Friend! I hope you’ll discover within seconds of landing here at Life on the Road Home, that I’m a fellow traveler just like you, walking home. Some days I know exactly where I am and where I’m headed. I love those days when the road is clearly seen and I’m moving steadily forward towards home.

However, I’ve come to also appreciate those not-so-perfect days. Maybe you’ve had a few yourself when life is challenging and the path home can’t be seen as clearly and is trickier to navigate. That’s when there’s no way to move forward without God showing up and leading the way.

As if you couldn’t tell, I love the Lord and consider myself His girl. My personality varies from the-glass-is-half-full to the-glass-is-overflowing. I love a good joke and have a well-developed sense of humor. Between my handsome dude of a husband and my kids and grand kids, my road home is a busy one!

Before retiring in 2014, I enjoyed a long career in all things children—group foster care; child development center director for four large churches and a seminary lab school; and, co-founder and program director of a non-profit mentoring ministry for expectant and new parents. For the last 20 years of my career I created parenting and mentoring curriculum, and designed training modules.

momand dadSince retiring, Handsome Dude (that would be my husband, Russ) and I are working on our bucket list, specifically adding camping back to our list. We’ve owned tents and sleeping bags since our early married days. Said tents have not been out of their place in the attic in a looong while. Just between us, we’ll see how this goes—still not a big fan yet of mosquitoes or things that creep and crawl.

When not thinking about getting out in the wild, I’m busy journaling, writing, or reading and studying about journaling and writing. I definitely have a book in progress. When there’s time, I love to sew, quilt, and scrapbook. Handsome Dude says my biggest hobby is collecting stuff to do stuff!

I wake up every day excited to be in the smack-dab middle of this great adventure—delighted and grateful that there’s still a mile or two left to walk. Won’t you join me?

I’d love your company!