You’re here! I’m here! Something wonderful is about to happen. Together we’re going to find our most fulfilling life ever as we discover evidence of grace on our journey back home to the Father, and find practical ways to develop an end-tentional life of purpose and power.

girl-walking-on-alone-road-wallpaper-2048x2048Come with me while we search for and find amazing glimpses of God’s unmerited favor at work in our life and in that of others. Grace begins with our first, “Jesus, I believe you died for me” and continues as God continues to show up in the people and circumstances of our lives.

Phil 3:14 “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

When we take our first breath we begin our journey back home to heaven and our Heavenly Father. With detours, hazards, and other challenges, the road home can be bumpy, under construction, nearly wiped-out, or downright impassable. However, even with its challenges, the road home is covered by grace stories—things that encourage us to keep looking and hoping for miracles.  Inch by inch, mile by mile we’re headed towards glory. Let’s share this crazy and lovely walk back to the Father, discovering evidence of the miraculous in the sometimes mundane details of our lives.

Life on the Road Home IS our great adventure. It’s our story. No one can live it or tell it like we can. Look where we’ve been. Look what’s happened. Look where we’re going. Join me for a joyful, fun-filled, always encouraging, and empowering message of hope.

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